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   Our Prayer Banners

The banners were birthed out of revival. The delight in prayer, and the knowledge and power of prayer brought forth these expressions of our desire to pray and lead others into that wonderful place in the presence of the Lord. Simple yet powerful scriptural symbols adorn each of the seven banners. The amazing quality of workmanship complements their message. Many admired their beauty and were inspired by them to seek the Lord.

When our Church building burned the prayer banners were in our sanctuary. Part of the heartache that night was the thought they had been destroyed. But the morning after the fire, as Assistant Pastor David Hickey picked through the rubble he found a banner. It was grimy, sodden, and singed but it had survived. A search ensued over the next few days and, miraculously, one by one, all seven were uncovered! One, the Prayer Banner, had been horribly damaged - almost ripped in half. They were gathered, carefully cleaned by a professional service and placed in storage until we had the time and energy to deal with them. Over the last few weeks we have taken them out, examined their wounds and tenderly restored them. They are not the same as they once were. They bear some scars of what they have been through but they have been redeemed!

We have found some comfort and a message in this - these banners are like us. Like us, they were lovingly created - then disaster, a great fall and the danger of complete destruction. But like the born-again Christian they have been rescued and lovingly restored to stand as a testimony.

When you look at the Prayer Banners now hanging in our sanctuary again remember God's power to save and restore.
Sunday, Dec 7, 2008 the restored prayer banners were presented one at a time. The symbols on each were explained and the banners were rededicated to the Lord and placed on the wall in the sanctuary.
Unity banner Righteousness Banner
The Unity banner being presented. This was the first banner created Pastor Goyette explains the Righteousness Banner
Anointing Banner Salvation Banner
Broken hearts can only be healed by heaven's touch The blood of the cross is the only antidote for the sin-sick heart
Revival Banner Blessing Banner
The river of God brings the fire of revival Every good and perfect gift is from the Father of lights
Prayer Banner Carried
They that wait upon the Lord shall rise up like eagles The Prayer Banner is carried down the center aisle by Assistant Pastor David Hickey
On the wall
Now they hang again where they belong - in the House of the Lord as inspirations to pray and symbols of redemption

Green Mountain Christian Center is a house of prayer

Green Mountain is a haven where people can grow in their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We provide ways for individuals to learn how to pray and understand how God speaks to each one of our hearts with His love. We offer many avenues for people to receive prayer for their needs and to learn how to pray for themselves and others. Teaching the power of intercession and the power of God to heal and intervene. Our prayer ministries: Individual prayer following our services, individual appointments for prayer, Saturday night all church prayer at 7 pm, prayer vine for emergency needs, pre-service prayer on Sunday morning prior to our service, studies on prayer and other opportunities throughout the year.

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