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 Turning the Tide of a Generation

"Tidal Wave" Mission Statement

1. Disciple youth in a devoted and growing relationship with Christ (including personal and corporate prayer, worship and Bible study), that brings about transformation in their own lives, and ripples out to affect others.

2. Teach a Biblical world view, and train young people to live it out daily and defend it readily.

3. Identify, encourage and develop, youth in their gifts, talents, and callings; giving them opportunities to use and grow in their gifts, not only at youth meetings but also in outreach and the corporate church setting. Multiplying by mentoring and passing on skills that we have to the next generation.

4. Raise up leaders who will turn the tide of cultural degradation both now in their current sphere of influence, and on into the future becoming "repairers of the breach and restorers of streets to dwell in." These leaders will grow in integrity, character and purity, to become godly leaders in business, media, education, politics, ministry and as leaders of their own families.

5. Inspire young people to be lights in the world, ready and equipped to share their faith and bring in the lost not only in their everyday lives but also in evangelistic outreach and missions.

6. Take back and use audio/visual media, dance, drama, arts, and music both to glorify and worship God and to reach the people He so loves.

7. Bring the love and power of Jesus Christ to the broken that they may be saved, delivered, healed, and restored. Create accountability relationships that will help them walk in victory over sin.

8. Connect with other Christian ministries to promote unity, and ignite revival and revolution in our generation.

9. Create a safe and fun atmosphere where young people can build strong, healthy Christian friendships, laying a godly relational foundation for the rest of their lives.

10. Support and encourage the parent/teen relationship during these often difficult years.

11. Teach young people the importance of Christ-like servant hood by involving them in other ministries around the church (Children’s Church helpers, Clothing Ministry, Worship etc.)

Guiding Principles:

1. Commitment to a daily walk with Christ and personal devotions.

2. Under gird all we do in prayer.

3. Grow in the Word of God as life-long learners who take advantage of anointed teaching and training when available.

4. Worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth.

5. Be led by and obedient to the Holy Spirit, walking in the anointing, individually and corporately.

6. Be committed to excellence and order in everything.

7. Be examples of virtuous and victorious Christian life, leading not only by word but by example.

8. Be actively and regularly involved in Christian fellowship.

9. Be submitted to authority, following the chain of command with a good attitude; giving a good report without grumbling or complaining. Under gird parent/teen relationships.

10. Demonstrate an attitude of humility, and servant hood. It’s about Jesus not "me."

11. Be teachable and touchable, not "holier than thou know it all’s"

12. Have a heart for the world and the lost.

13. Be sensitive and respectful to the needs of others and good listeners.

14. Always speak the truth in love.

15. Preach the uncompromising Word of God, and be on the cutting edge of what God is speaking to the body of Christ at large.

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