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How Green Mountain Christian Center started

A bright Sunday morning in March of 1978 saw a small group gather at Mount Anthony Union High School for the first worship service of Green Mountain Christian Center. They had no money, no building, no equipment, but they were destined to impact this area for Christ.

The Lord had begun preparations for that Sunday years earlier. In November, 1972 He reached a young man from Bennington. John Goyette was 23, a college dropout and a Vietnam era Veteran. Out of the Navy for a year, he had struggled from job to job and was addicted to gambling. God saved him, graciously set him free, and filled him with the Holy Spirit. After marrying Linda, the young lady who was instrumental in his coming to the Lord, he received a call to the ministry. The couple moved to Seattle, Washington where John graduated from Northwest College and became the Assistant Pastor at Kenmore Assembly of God.

In a time of prayer and fasting they studied the life of Elijah. In 1 Kings 17:2-3 they read these words “The word of the Lord came to him (Elijah), saying, ‘Go away from here and turn eastward…’”. The Goyettes knew immediately that God was speaking to them about a beautiful town in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

The following days brought confirmation of the Word. Those in authority gave their blessings. The church in which John was ministering extended spiritual and financial support and the Northern New England District of the Assemblies of God offered a warm welcome. In January of 1978, John and Linda returned to Bennington with their six-month-old son, Nathan.

After seven months of meeting at the High School the Lord enabled the fledgling church to purchase a building at the corner of School and Pleasant Streets. The church experienced rapid growth necessitating a search for larger facilities. The next six years saw Green Mt. Christian Center utilize a series of rented locations. Following a season of intense prayer in 1987 the present beautiful and strategically placed property was purchased. Following renovation of the old barn on the property Green Mountain moved in just before Christmas of that year.

In 1993 the Lord gave the Pastor vision for tremendous expansion of the building. Plans were drawn and the permitting process was pursued. Meanwhile, hunger grew in our hearts for revival. Prayer continued and intensified. In May of 1995 a tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit came. Joy and healing overflowed. The power of God was manifested in amazing ways. In the initial flood of the Spirit people came to church every night for 18 days, basking in the mighty presence of the Lord for hours. We are grateful for the wonderful renewal millions around the world are experiencing. We press on toward the fullness of revival.

In 1995-98 the Lord blessed us with the development of a beautiful facility on Harwood Hill. The fire, in July of 2007, destroyed that building and led to the purchase of 440 Main Street, our present home.

The Lord's plan for the ministry includes Green Mt. Christian Center being a force for revival through prayer, and dynamic ministry. He has established and supported this work in marvelous ways. By His grace and power we will press on to fulfill the tremendous plans heaven has for us

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