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   Church on the lawn and in the tent

The first Sunday after the fire was pretty much out in the open. The following week we raised the church tent. It makes a beautiful tabernacle in which to worship. In September we moved to 440 Main Street.
Pastor and Linda in front of burned sanctuary
Pastor and Linda standing in front of the burned out building
First Sunday Andrea's shock at the sight
The First Sunday after the fire It's a shock to see the building gone
Praising the Lord Pastor preaching
Praising the Lord Pastor preachin', "We know that God causes all things to work together for good to those that love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."
lacing up the tent Kate O'Klein and Tinamare Predel have some fun.
Lacing up the tent Kate O'Klein and Tinamarie Predel have some fun.
Putting up the "Jesus Saves" banner The tent
Chet Zaffarano and Jeff Morgan put the "Jesus Saves" banner in place.
The tent
Ready for church Several ladies worked hard all day. Here are Jackie Thomson, Beth Becker, Kayla Brinzo, and Mel Letourneau
Ready for church The saints gather.
setting up the screen tent for a nursery We are still rejoicing in the Lord
Bruce Main, Jim Treat, Tyler St. Gelais, and Paul Morgan set up the screen tent for a nursery We are still rejoicing in the Lord as Janette Johnson shows.

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