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 Cleanup Day

At 9:00 am on August 25 the mercury was already approaching 90 and the relative humidity was in that
range as well. Nevertheless, people from several churches began to assemble on the grounds of Green Mountain Christian Center. They came to help us clean up after the fire and demolition of our building. Everyone donned work gloves and grabbed a rake or shovel. Within minutes, we were drenched in perspiration, but there was no quit in this crowd. We laughed as we worked, enjoying the fellowship and the sense of accomplishment at each square yard of the property that was cleaned of debris.

Lots of stuff left to pick up bits of wood, glass, metal, etc.
After the excavator finished, there was still lots of stuff to pick up. Bits of wood, glass, metal, insulation, etc. littered the entire area.
Monty Meerwarth on the tractor loading what we raked and shoveled A small army worked all day on the hottest day of the year
Monty Meerwarth, on the tractor, loading into dumpsters what we raked and shoveled.
A small army worked all day on the hottest day of the year.
Beth Becker at the controls of a wheel barrow Several ladies worked hard all day. Here are Jackie Thomson, Beth Becker, Kayla Brinzo, and Mel Letourneau
Beth Becker at the controls of a wheel barrow. Several ladies pitched in. Here are Jackie Thompson, Beth Becker, Kayla Brinzo, and Mel Letourneau.
By the end of the day a seeming miracle had taken place - where only debris and destruction had been, the foundation of something new appeared.
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