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  440 Main Street Renovations

Front of sanctuary
The altar area

Many repairs, renovations, and improvements have already happened to the grand old building. These include:
  • New roofing on damaged sections
  • New gas boiler that replaces oil boilers dating from the '60s
  • New lighting system in the sanctuary
  • New projection system in the sanctuary
  • New sound system in the sanctuary
  • Repair of cracked plaster walls in the sanctuary
  • New paint on sanctuary walls
  • Construction of a new altar area in the sanctuary
  • New carpet in the sanctuary
  • Improved access to the sanctuary
  • Installation of baptistry in the sanctuary
  • New pulpit and Communion Table
  • Insulation installed in Sanctuary attic
  • Creation of a Youth Ministry center
  • Installation of a commercial gas range in the kitchen
Much has been done - much remains to complete. Here are a few more pictures...
New lighting Tim & Luke Bates rebuild the light fixtures
The beautiful antique chandeliers in the sanctuary were painstakingly rebuilt with new, more powerful, but energy efficient components. Tim and Luke Bates work on the chandeliers.
New sound system new sound board and A/V booth
Luke prepares to hang the new main speaker.
Learning to operate the new equipment.
patching the walls carpet
Cracks in the plaster walls have been repaired and a new coat of paint graces the sanctuary. New platform.
pews Dave Herzfeld
The beautiful old pew were cleaned, polished, and reset after the carpet was installed. Local craftsman Dave Herzfeld created our new pulpit and communion table.
the window new paint, floors refinished
The 28' tall Good Shepherd window is still there. new paint, floors refinished.
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